Dreams do come true ♥

Dreams do come true ♥

Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Stunningly Beautiful Wife

When I say you are beautiful, I am not just talking about your physical appearance
Oh yes! You are indeed stunningly beautiful
Your towering height that adds to your inborn gorgeousness
The flaming red color of your sexy curly hair
The defined liners you use in your expressive almond eyes
The timid smile you flash, balancing your strong personality
Your striking cheekbones that every girl would wish for
You know by now how much I adore even your physicality
As the day goes by, I can’t help but be more in love with you
I love the fact that you are tall, as I feel so secured and protected when you are hugging me
I love it when you casually kiss my forehead because
that is where exactly your lips will land when I lean over you
I love the fragrance of your hair when you are lying next to me, hugging me tight,
as my hand brush that sexy flaming red hair of yours
I love how that almond eyes of yours glow and speak directly to my soul, looking at me straight with so much love and admiration like I am the most beautiful woman in the world
I love how your face brightens up and flash the most beautiful smile
even by the mention of my name
Above all, I love how beautiful and free flowing your soul is
I love how smart and striking your mind is
I love how gentle and compassionate your heart is
How it remains fresh and loving despite the brokenness you have encountered
I love you my Love and will always love you Now and Forever


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